Charcuterie Plate – Assorted meats, cheese, nuts, & sauces – 15

Chicken Wings – Spicy honey red pepper sauce or smokey sweet BBQ with fresh vegetables and buttermilk ranch – 14

French Onion Dip – With house made potato chips and fresh cut vegetables – 9


Gwenivere – Cream sauce, basil pesto, goat cheeese, shaved asparagus, heirloom cherry tomatoes, bacon – 14.5

Lola – Cream sauce, olive oil, pecorino romano, prosciutto, raspberry, blasamic glaze, parmesan cheese – 14.5

Mama Umami – Cream sauce, garlic, mozzarella, pecorino romano, mushrooms, caramelized onions, balsamic arugula – 15.5

Papa Pep – Red sauce, mozzarella, pecorino romano, pepperoni, Italian herbs, honey – 14

Margarette – Red sauce, mozzarella, pecorino romano, fresh basil, Italian herbs – 14


add chicken – 4

Market – Spring greens, cucumbers, red peppers, tomatoes, olives, red onions, buttermilk ranch dressing – 12

Italian – Bow tie pasta, spinach, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, peperoni, toasted pine nuts, Italian dressing – 12

Strawberry – Spinach, fresh strawberries, pistachios, feta cheese, red onions, raspberry, vinaigrette dressing – 12

Peanut Chop – Cabbage mix, edamame, red pepper, chopped peanuts, caroots, wontons, sesame peanut dressing – 12

Wedge – romaine lettuce, chopped bacon, cherry tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, buttermilk ranch dressing –12


   served with hand-cut fries, sweet potato waffle fries, house made chips or side salad

The Paris Burger – 7 oz beef patty, raspberry balsamic jam, spinach, white cheddar cheese, garlic mayo, ciabatta bun – 16

Late Night Double – Two 3.5 oz beef patties, bacon, American cheese, caramelized onion jam, garlic mayo, sesame seed bun –16

Backyard Burger – 7 oz beef patty, cheddat cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, mustard, ketchup, tuscan bun – 15.5

   *add bacon, avocado, or fried egg – $2 each

BBQ Chicken – Grilled chicken breast, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato, garlic, aioli, tuscan bun –15

Chicken Pesto – Grilled chicken breast, basil pesto, heirloom, tomatoes, mozzarella, balsamic aioli, ciabatta bun – 15


Meatloaf – Christiansen farms ground beef & pork, mashed potatoes, buttered peas, crispy onions, chives – 18

Stroganoff – Noodles, grilled beef, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, cream sauce – 18

Pork Chop – Wood fired Christiansen farms pork chop, honey glaze, “funeral” potato casserole, carrots – 20

Steak Frites – 10 oz wood fired picanha steak, twice-cooked fries, seasonal vegetable, peppercorn sauce – 23


Fountain Drinks – Coke Products – 3

Specialty Lemonades – Our in house favorite lemonades – 4

Olipop – grape, fruit punch, strawberry vanilla, cherry vanilla, or root beer 4

Aura Bora Sparkling Water – Basil berry, lemongrass coconut, hibiscus passionfruit 3.5


served with fries or fruit

Penne Pasta – 7

Hamburger – 7


Rice Pudding – 8

Skillet Cookie – 8

Bread Pudding – 8

* our gluten friendly options may be subject to cross-contamination